Tag Directory

I figured I ought to put my non-rambly tags where they’re easy to find. Here goes; more will appear as necessary.

Original Fiction:

Fantasy: magic, monsters, murderous chancellors, and mighty warriors. Think Knockoff Tolkien and you’re on the right track.

Science Fiction: first contact, extra-terrestrials, and all that delightfully terrifyingly darkly hopeful nonsense which comes with imagining the future.


Ballads: poems utilizing common meter (alternating iambic tetrameter and trimeter) and an ABCB rhyme scheme.

Chiasms: a form taking its name from the Homeric convention of the same name, chiasms have an odd number of lines with a featured “central line.” The lines on either side parallel each other, whether just in topic or in using the same words.

Cycles: poems where each line begins with the last word of the previous; the final line ends with the first word of the poem.

Rhymed Verse: any poem with rhymes that doesn’t fit these other forms.

Sestinas: six lines per stanza for six stanzas, each using the same ending words in varying orders, ending with a triplet containing all six words.

Sonnets: fourteen rhymed lines of iambic pentameter. Rhyme scheme and thought structure may vary.

Terza Rima: poetry using three-line stanzas and an interlocking rhyme scheme of ABA/ BCB/ CDC, etc.

Unrhymed Verse: poetry that has meter, but no rhyme scheme.

Villanelles: poems with nineteen lines of rhymed verse, utilizing a repeated refrain.


Christianity: the big one. This one is central to most, if not all, of my other posts, and is therefore one of the most populous tags. I’m no theologian, so don’t expect too much in the way of analysis.

Educational Life (Academia Problems): things pertaining to my life in college or my educational life in general go here.

Frustration (In Which the Verbivore Vents): a tag used for getting things off my chest, whether due to anger or fear.

Holy Week: since this blog sort of got revived (how appropriate) due to my sudden need to write poetry for Holy Week, it’s getting its own link on this page.

Personal Updates (In Which I Discuss My Life): hopefully this one won’t overlap with the frustration tag too often. I hope to use this as the journal tag of sorts.

Politics: I hope not to use this one too often, but I’m not ruling it out.

Self-Analysis: in which a very complicated brain tries to understand itself.

Stress (Now We’re Stressed Out): this one gets used often. There is a reason for that.

Other Tags:

Hate Speaks and Forgiveness Replies: a two-poem set I wrote to explore, well, hatred and forgiveness.

Multi-Part Posts: a catch-all tag for any post that’s broken up into segments.