About the Blog

“This blog is written in good faith, reader. It warns you from the outset that in it I have set myself no goal but a domestic and private one. I have had no thought of serving either you or my own glory. My powers are inadequate for such a purpose… If I had written to seek the world’s favor, I should have bedecked myself better, and should present myself in a studied posture. I want to be seen here in my simple, natural, ordinary fashion, without straining or artifice, for it is myself that I portray. My defects will here be read to the life, and also my natural form, as far as respect for the public has allowed… Thus, reader, I am myself the matter of my blog; you would be unreasonable to spend your leisure on so frivolous and vain a subject.”

Monsieur Montaigne, I offer you my sincere apologies.

Well, with that out of the way, let me explain a little further.  I started this blog for reasons I myself don’t quite understand. I’m not sure what I want from this, or what I even expect, but I suppose it’ll be nice to be able to vent to the Internet about my likes, dislikes, and interests.

Also, I thought that maybe, if I had somewhere to post my writing, I would write more, because I’m an insecure person who wants validation.

Anyway, welcome to the blog! I’m glad to see you here, and I hope you enjoy your stay inside my digital thoughtscape. Feel free to browse through the categories, look in the tag directory for a specific topic, or check the About the Author page if you want to learn more about the girl behind the curtain.

If all that doesn’t clear things up, feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, concerns, revolutions, rebellions, visions from a higher power, or post-modern interpretations.