About the Author

Hello there! It’s nice to meet you. I’m the Voracious Verbivore… and before I go further, I should explain what exactly that second word means.

Verbivore (n.). VURB-ih-vohr. An organism which consumes words.

From that definition (and from the fact that I have a blog in the first place), you might guess that I like to read and write. You would be correct. From the general tone of this introduction, you might guess that I should probably have a digital neon sign saying, “I really don’t know what I’m doing.” You would also be correct. Here’s some other relevant information in bullet-point format because I don’t feel up to stringing sentences into paragraphs:

  • In case you couldn’t tell, I compensate for my unfamiliarity with the medium of digital diarism through the use of a very informal tone.
  • I am still very new to blogging, so this may change, especially if I start getting into the more academic side of things in terms of what I post.
  • No, really, I have so many fancy school papers of which I am rather proud which detail my thoughts on so many things.
  • On the other hand, personal posts will probably remain very fragmented.
  • I am of the female persuasion, in case my profile picture didn’t make that clear.
  • Personality types include Lawful Good (Lawful Neutral on a bad day), Choleric/Melancholic, and E/ISTJ.
  • I am currently trying to figure out approximately one (1) metric heck-ton of things, most of which are rather large existential questions that share an iceberg’s unfortunate tendency to be far bigger than they appear on the surface.
  • Yes, I use words like “heck-ton.” I have used profanity twice in my life, and hopefully will not encounter another opportunity to do so.
  • I am a Christian. Hopefully this is rather obvious. I would put what denomination I am, but since that’s in a period of flux, I’d really rather not get into it on a static page. I’ll probably blog about it at some point.
  • In terms of jobs, I don’t have one. That will hopefully change soon.
  • I sing and do far more theatre than is good for my sleep schedule.
  • I can’t dance. This has never stopped me.
  • I have been called a “damn Yankee,” and regard this as a badge of honor.

That seems to be more than enough to go on for now. Updates and alterations will occur as necessary, of course.