Hate Speaks

I am acid. I will burn you
As you choke me down in anger.
I am poison. I will spread out,
Slowly sapping all your straining.
I, the virus ever-changing,
Turn your thoughts all to my doings.
I grow strong in whitened knuckles,
Furrowed browlines, swallowed insults.
There I whisper, there I draw you
Into icy grasps at vengeance.
I will promise you all power
If you only will submit:
Close your eyes to tears of others,
Stop your ears from funeral mourning,
Fill your mouth with harsh invectives,
Clutch your fists still ever-tighter,
Coat your heart in iron armor,
See a soul as but a scrapyard.
Thus I turn you to my center
‘Til your eyes are kept from blinking,
‘Til your ears hear just your heartbeat,
‘Til your tongue sings just my praises,
‘Til your fingers make your palms bleed,
‘Til your love-starved heart lays dying,
‘Til your soul is non-existent.


Questions? Comments? Revelations?

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