Forgiveness Replies

(Part 2 of 2. Part one is “Hate Speaks,” which I can’t link to at the moment.)

And knowing this, shall stubbornness hold sway?
Would you still drink the wine that’s vinegar?
Shall you, like water, take the easy way
And plummet ever further from the stars?
I fear that you are too weak to resist,
And Hatred’s fishhooked words have taken hold;
Yet I do speak. My words are Heaven-kissed,
Appraised at far more worth than purest gold.
I offer not revenge on all your foes,
I offer not an easy, broadened street;
Instead I offer tender-hearted woe,
And narrow ledges for unsteady feet.
O, side with me, though you’ll be hurt again:
To suffer love becomes the greatest men.


Questions? Comments? Revelations?

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