Incurvatus in Se

(With apologies to this short story, which remains one of the most frightening things I’ve ever read.)

Falling foot took me from pathway.

Pathway changing, headed downward.

Downward, good, I like this choosing;

Choosing ever darker forests-

Forests which reach out and grab me-

Me and them now of the same part.

Part god, maybe? I cannot tell;

Tell me: have I reached my ending?

Ending nearing, now I’m all freed,

Freed from Godly observation,

Observation, foolish scruples,

Scruples- weren’t they a sin once?

Once I thought that sin had being.

Being now my definition,

Definition self-inflicted-

Inflicted: an odd word for rising,

Rising, yes, for I’m not falling.


Questions? Comments? Revelations?

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