On Writing a Paper Far Too Close to the Deadline

Into tiny pieces breaking

Bigger concepts that I’m bringing

To the table, where the converse

Soon appears, brought by some other.

Brand new concept I’ll be stitching,

Lead to gold I will be turning.


Sparkling diamond in the turning,

False as glass and quickly breaking.

Cuts on arms will soon need stitching;

Thinker’s iodine they’re bringing,

As I search in pain for other

Topics- maybe try the converse?


Arguments don’t work for converse.

From that road I now am turning,

Looking for a path some other

Venturer had made in breaking.

Time the deadline soon is bringing,

Time to save nine: I am stitching.


Snippets of these quotes I’m stitching

Hide my lack of counter-converse-

Almost done? The dawn is bringing

New day. Edit! Quickly turning…

English grammar I’ve been breaking;

Time to rewrite- or else other


Work to do this morning. Other

Chores, like cleaning, laundry, stitching-

Shake off fear! My mind is breaking

As my roommate offers converse

Option: take a break? I’m turning…

Fine, but just for coffee-bringing.


Coffee energy is bringing

As I flit from one to other

Task. Efficient buzz in turning,

And subconsciously I’m stitching

Answers, theory, quip, and converse.

Soon enough the deadline’s breaking.


Though in bringing this, I’m breaking,

Turning from the box, I converse

With some other: “Easy stitching!”


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