Sestina for the Final Days

Christ’s great entry leaves us hopeful,

Welcoming the end of waiting-

Roman rage will soon be hopeless,

Soon the empire will be falling!

Mannish kingdoms have all ended,

Joy’s new morning finally rising.


At the temple- anger rising,

Zealous Christ seems quite un-hopeful,

Now that so-called peace he’s ended.

Worshippers, confused, are waiting,

As the cages clamor, falling;

Whip’s loud snap makes profit hopeless.


“Pharisaic laws are hopeless,”

Claims the Christ, whose star is rising,

As the teachers plot his falling-

Crouching lions ever hopeful,

For the perfect moment waiting-

As he speaks of world that’s ended.


Silent Wednesday: preaching ended.

Lazarus no longer hopeless,

Sisters resurrection waiting-

From their dwelling Christ is rising.

Followers are acting hopeful,

Unaware of future falling.
Final supper: doom is falling,

Traitor’s kiss a friendship ended.

“Watch with me:” the three were hopeful,

Hours rendered them all hopeless

Sheep to slaughter- terror rising,

Jury for the trial waiting.


His last breath: the world is waiting.

Into Hell Creator falling,

One thief’s mocking laughter rising,

Now that Love’s own life has ended.

Shrouded, buried, all seems hopeless.

God is dead: can we be hopeful?
At his rising, weeping ended.

He, in falling, saved the hopeless;

Now in waiting we are hopeful.


Questions? Comments? Revelations?

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